Patio Cleaning

Professional patio cleaning.

Thinking of patio cleaning? Over time a patio can become very dirty and even slippy. We fully clean your paved areas leaving them like new. Patios, driveways or any other paved area can attract black spots. This is very hard to remove and is normally found around trees. Pressure washing this alone will not remove it. We chemically treat the area affected by this unsightly pest to allow easy removal without damaging the stone.

The black (sometimes white) spots are almost always a lichen, pronounced ly-ken can be very hard to remove and if not careful the surface can become damaged trying to remove it.

Algae forms on paved areas making it very slippy when it rains and in this country it rains a lot! We remove all your commonly found algae, moss, weeds, oil and fuel marks, leaving you with a freshly laid look.

On the picture below you can see the very hard to remove lichen. This is normally found around tress.

lichen (pronounced ly-ken)

patio cleaning


Other popular things we clean include:

Decking, fencing, garage doors, guttering, fascias, doors and windows frames.

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We offer our power washing service to both domestic and commercial customers. If you are a commercial customer please contact us to get your quote. We offer day rates for our commercial customers in either full day rate or half day rate.

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