Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Commercial ground maintenance

commercial grounds maintenance

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Here at RILEYS Group we offer commercial grounds maintenance for our commercial customers. We maintain then remove any waste including grass cuttings, hedge cuttings, weeds, logs and branches. We are environmentally friendly as we re-use or compost what we can for use else where such as public gardens, farmers fields ect.


Our services include grass cutting and mowing to all forms of grass and lawn areas, flower beds and shrubberies, tree surgery, hedge cutting, sports grounds maintenance, nature conservation, weed control, gritting and snow clearance, playground maintenance and inspections, cemeteries, and much more. We work with a range of outside spaces to ensure that they are properly maintained and fulfil their role for visitors and customers. Our work also helps landowners fulfil their duty of care to the public by seeing to the safety of paving, trees, and outside ornamentation.

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